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Since 1959, Cooper Paving Of New Hampshire has been one of the top pavement builders and contractors in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. During that time, many of our customers have asked us the same questions and we would like to share them with you.
How long must I stay off my new driveway?
We recommend a minimum of five days. Even longer, if possible when the temperatures are above 80 degrees.

Will sharp turns mark my driveway?
Excessive tight turns, or turning the steering wheel while the car is stationary, will scar the driveway, especially in warmer weather. Marks are cosmetic only.

What should I do if gas or oil spill on my new driveway?
Gas and oil will damage the surface of the driveway. Wash off the spill with water as soon as possible and then wash with a liquid detergent.
Do you have proof of insurance to protect myself & my property?
At Cooper Paving Of New Hampshire, we are licensed and fully insured. You and your property are protected. Our professional pavers treat you and your property with respect from beginning to end.

Do you stand by your work?
Yes. We proudly stand by our work. You can rest assured that you will receive quality paving services at a fair price.

Do you provide an estimate prior to starting the job?
Yes. A thorough site inspection allows us to become familiar with the conditions of your property in order to prevent costly surprises. Cooper Paving Of New Hampshire has the knowledge and resources to ensure that the job is done correctly and on schedule.